We are transforming the global TV distribution business

A proven entrepreneurial team with decades of distribution experience is launching the world’s first B2B marketplace for TV and video rights.

Dial Square and TRX

Dial Square 86 is the holding company and parent of The RightsXchange Limited (TRX) – a 100% owned subsidiary. Dial Square 86 was established in 2014 and created TRX the same year. The financing of TRX is arranged through Dial Square and the board oversees TRX’s operations. For more information on TRX visit www.trx.tv

Investment in Dial Square

Dial Square’s shareholders include leading figures from TV production and distribution. The company has completed two multi-million pound financing rounds to date.

If you would like more information about investment opportunities in Dial Square and TRX please contact us.

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Dial Square has four guiding principles

No. 1

Content is King

No. 1

Content is King

Broadcasters need compelling content
to attract mass audiences

No. 2

Content intermediation is key

Connecting creators and owners of compelling content to broadcast platforms is the big opportunity

No. 3

The TV rights market is due a makeover

The way TV rights are bought and sold is old fashioned, inefficient and failing to exploit the full value of content

No. 4

Technology is our friend

Solutions to the challenges of intermediation can be found...
...by being creative and applying technology

We are focussing our efforts and resources on identifying where the most interesting opportunities are emerging as a result of disruption in content markets – and exploiting these opportunities.
Our first initiative is in international programme distribution, where management have a wealth of experience.
Watch this space…